Rules to enjoy a safe winter in Alagna

Scritto il 04/12/2021
da Al Grup

Dear Guest

Are you ready for your ski holiday?

Here’s a friendly reminder to always have your:

  • Green certification (green pass) to have access to the ski lifts and accommodation facilities (B&B, Hotel, apartments, and hostels)
  • Super green pass (green pass obtaned with vaccination) to have access to bars and restaurants
  • Mask! It is mandatory to wear one at the ski lifts and in public places. Wear any mask you prefer but make sure to protect yourself at all times!


Green Pass and minors. What must you do when you have young children?

From the age of 12 onwards, it is obligatory to have a green pass to be allowed access to clubs, events, ski resorts and public transport. Children under the age of 12 do not need green certification.



 You can buy your ticket here

  • Remember that prices are dynamic so, the sooner you buy, the less you will spend


 Alagna aims to be plastic-free by 2023!

  •  Bring your own water bottle and refill it with water from the bars and restaurants! Our primary objective is to stop using plastic bottles