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Monterosa Ski Cableway - Alagna Valsesia

Alagna Valsesia Alagna Valsesia VC

The wild and uncontaminated nature of Alagna seems to wander every visitor at first
glance. Its immaculate slopes, small villages, walser houses and ancient water mills make
Alagna a destination of curious tourism and interested in the true essence of the Alps and
the fascinating history of Monte Rosa. Culture has also influenced food: typical dishes are
served in local restaurants.
From an altitude of just 1212 meters above sea level, Alagna's lifts carry visitors to the
2970 meters of Passo dei Salati, point of connection with the Val d'Aosta region of the
Monterosa Ski area.
In summer, as in winter, walks and relaxation allow guests to recover a highly human
dimension and a renewed relation with the wild nature of the Alps.