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Cross Country Skiing Center "Marmotta Rosa" - Riva Valdobbia

Via Circonvallazione, Riva Valdobbia

The "Marmotta Rosa" Cross ountry Ski Center includes slopes between the municipalities of Riva Valdobbia and Alagna Valsesia, along the river Sesia, under the spectacular southern wall of Monte Rosa. The track, on only a few stretches, is lined with a path dedicated to pedestrians and pole trackers.
The paths are the followings:
- 10km medium difficulty ring (red track)
- 5 km easy difficulty ring (green track)
- variations (black track trails)
- training camp
The most striking panoramic points are Frazione Balma, the best view on Monte Rosa! Caseruolo, the ideal spot for observing deers in the early hours. Location Alzarella, the coldest point of the track, where you can admire ice crystals even 6 cm long!