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Mountaineering School Guide Group - Alagna Valsesia

Piazza Grober 1, Alagna Valsesia

Alagna is one of the most popular starting point to reach Monte Rosa's peaks some of which exceed 4000 meters and which require to walk on glaciers whit a lot of creivasses and, if you ascend along alpine ways,  you will have to overcome tecnical passages for which is sudjested to bring with you an Alpine Guide. Our main activities are: mountaineeringsport climbing and trekking during summer; offpist skiing (FREE RIDE PARADISE), heliski, ski mountaineering and climbing on frozen waterfalls during during winter, also indoor climbing. Our activities also inculde: canyoning, team building, works in height with ropes (high expurse jobs).

download the PDF of the Activities proposed by Mountaineering School Guide Group ​(just click on the activity that you want to see)

Vie Ferrate

Via Ferrata of Varallo