Monterosa Ski Cableway - Alagna Valsesia

Frazione Bonda 19, Alagna Valsesia

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Skipass Price


Gondola Alagna-Pianalunga:

- Adult € 10,00

- Junior € 7,00

- Baby* € 3,00

- Downlift € 6,00

From Alagna to Passo dei Salati:

- Adult € 20,00

- Junior € 14,00

- Baby* € 6,00

- Downlift € 12,00​

Cable Car Pianalunga-Passo dei Salati:

- Adult € 12,00

- Junior € 9,00

- Baby* € 3,00

- Downlift € 6,00

From Alagna to Indren valid for the same day:

- Adult € 35,00

- Junior € 25,00

- Baby € 9,00

- Downlift € 24,00

From Alagna to Indren valid on different days:

- Adult € 40,00

- Junior € 28,00

- Baby € 10,00

- Downlift € —​

Junior: born after 31/10/2004
Baby: born after 31/10/2010
Silver: born before 01/11/1939 – free
Tickets for Babies* are free if purchased together with a full price adult ticket, otherwise it will be applied the cost shown in the above table. In order to get the age reductions, it is necessary to show at the ticket office an ID.



Lifts schedule

Gondola Alagna-Pianalunga

From 26 June to 6 September 2020
From 7.30am to 1pm and from 2.15pm to 5.30pm
Last uplifts to Passo dei Salati at 12.15pm and 4.45pm
Last uplifts to Indren at 11.45pm and 4.00pm

Funifor Pianalunga-Passo dei Salati

From 26 June to 6 September 2020
From 7.45am to 12.45pm and from 2pm to 5.15pm
Last downlift from Passo dei Salati at 12.45pm and at 5.15pm
Last uplifts from Pianalunga to Passo dei Salati at 12.30pm and 7.00pm

Cable Car Passo dei Salati-Indren

From 26 June to 6  September 2020
From 8am to 13pm and from 2.15pm to 5pm
From 7.45am to 12.30pm and from 2pm to 5pm
Last downlift from Indren to Alagna at 12.30pm and 5pm


Ticket Office Schedule

The ticket offices in Alagna open at 7.30am.

If you do not use the downlift, no refund wil be given, as it is FREE.

Return tickets can be used on different days (in example the uplift on Monday and the downlift on Tuesday)

All lifts are equipped for mountain bikes.

Tickets do not include the lift Passo dei Salati-Indren, except where specified.