Walser museum - Alagna Valsesia

Pedemonte, Alagna Valsesia

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The Walser Museum of Alagna was inaugurated in 1976, and consists of a perfectly preserved hut dated to 1628. It is considered an unaltered example of what a Walser house was like and what its uses were.
In fact, the Walser lived in houses made so that, in addition to spaces for rest and social life, there could be also a stable and a space for storing food, the fundamental needs of high-altitude peasants.

The Museum therefore allows you to discover how the Walser house was an incredibly efficient system, which was well suited to their needs. Furthermore, through everyday objects you can have a story of everyday life, thanks to a careful journey into the material culture of the Walser.
The building is spread over three floors, with a dry-built stone base, on which the original "Blockbau" wooden part rests, with a stone slab roof.