Walser Museum - Alagna Valsesia

Walser Museum - Alagna Valsesia

Scritto il 23/03/2018
da Al Grup

Opening Times

Saturday and Sunday: from 15 to 18

Closed in October and November

Opened in 1976, the Walser Museum of Alagna is a perfectly preserved hut, dating back to 1628, a clear example of what the Walser House was used for centuries.

Walser people constructed homes that guest under the same roof stables, spaces for rest, social life and food preservation, in a harmonious synthesis of the basic necessities of these high-altitude peasants. The museum shows how the ancient Walser realized within the house an efficient system that was well adapted to their self-sufficiency and recounts everyday life through commonly used instruments, with a careful track in the material culture of the ancient inhabitants of Alagna.

The three-storey building has a dry stone base, resting on the wooden part - named "Blockbau"- entirely in original wood, while the roof is in stone – named "blatte".

In the basement of the museum there is the stable – named "Godu", with the stone floor, the living room – named "Stand" - adjacent to it, the wooden floor, the kitchen – named "Firhus" - with the tools for cooking, the milk processing room and the yarn preparation and hemp weaving room.

On the mezzanine, above the stable, there is a bedroom – named "Stuba" - with alcove, a room for storing carpentry tools, crafts room and document room.

On the last floor you will visit the barn – named "Stodal" - with exposed tools for agriculture and woodworking and the pantry – named Spicher" - with shelves and racks used to store cereals and foods. Around the building are perfectly preserved the peregia loggias, characteristic of the Walser houses of Alagna.