Bar Caffè delle Guide - Alagna Valsesia

Piazza degli Alberghi 10, Alagna Valsesia

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One of the most popular bars in Alagna is the Hotel Monterosa's own bar, the Caffè delle Guide, which is situated just below the hotel at ground level. Both breakfast and lunch are served at the Caffè delle Guide, and skiers meet there for après-ski, while hikers stop for a refreshing drink after the day's adventures.
The café has exclusive access to the piazza, which becomes a lovely open-air café in the summer. 
Coffee with quality:
Cappuccino, espresso, caffè latte, macchiato, americano… The Italian selection of coffee is as big as it is good, and the coffee at Hotel Monterosa is no exception. We take pride in making a good coffee, which can be enjoyed morning, noon and evening. Perhaps with a nice digestivo?