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Barba Ferrero Hut - Alagna Valsesia

Alpe Vigne Superiore, Alagna Valsesia

Incredible view of Monte Rosa's southern part and Margherita Hut
2247 metres a.s.l
Alpe Vigne Superiore - Alagna Valsesia

12 beds - 4 beds in the winter space

The winter space (of which the entrance is located on the right of the bar's door) is equipped with an emergency phone and first aid kit.
Phone number:+39 0163 91919 
Be aware that the emrgency phone, right now, does not work properly. We will inform you as soon as the problem is fixed.


Those two huts, from which the alpine posture is formed, is situated on the right of the Flua torrent, near the cliff which supports the moraine of the glacier Sesia-Locce. We are not sure about the precise date of the construction, and there are no documents regarding this topic, but the position and exposure may suggest that it was build in the 1700.
In 1966 the CAI association of Vercelli began the restoration process to which took part the family Barba (in memory of Nino, president of Vercelli section) and Ferrero (in memory of their son Luciano, a young mountaneer who died due to a grave illines), and many other private citizens. The restoration ended in 1968 and the hut, named Barba Ferrero, was inaugurated the 1 september.